Nvron Textile Care business provides guidance and training to help organizations and commercial laundries follow correct processes and procedures to disinfect linens. In addition, our disinfectant solutions keep surfaces and facilities clean, ensuring linens stay clean from washing to end use. Our expert team is staying on top of the latest updates and can help your organization adopt new processes and comply with local regulations and guidance.

Q. What infection prevention methods should I follow in a Commercial Healthcare Laundry facility?

A.  All linens in a Commercial Healthcare Laundry plant should be treated as if they are contaminated and universal handling precautions need to be followed.

  • Avoid touching nose, mouth, eyes, face while handling contaminated linens; wash hands properly and often, use hand sanitizers. Wear all PPE to protect employees from exposure. 

  • Proper separation/barriers should be in place between clean and soiled linen in the plant and throughout the transportation process.

  • All hard surfaces touching soiled and clean linens should be disinfected regularly with an EPA registered hard surface disinfectant with the proper claim covering COVID-19. 

  • Linens should be washed in a wash formula following CDC recommended guidelines for contaminated healthcare linens; time/temperature or time/temperature/antimicrobial intervention (laundry disinfectant)1.

  • Increase employee training on proper hand washing, proper donning and doffing of PPE.