Life Science Facility Biological Decontamination and Remediation

Infection Control Technologies’ Room Space Disinfection and Facility and Equipment Biological Decontamination are a critical resource to maintaining controlled environments and testing equipment. NVRON’s Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Environmental Infection Control Remediator (CEICR) utilize today’s most advanced tools and products to provide 6-Log Surface/Air Disinfection and Biosafety Level (BSL) 3 Lab Decontamination with verification of efficacy via inoculated coupon analysis by certified labs.


Covering both maintenance and emergency response, NVRON offers a full range of decontamination technologies that meet the requirements of Biological Safety Level (BSL) 1-3 facilities and helps maintain clean safe environments for biologically-sensitive conditions. For air and large surface decontamination, our staff uses SteraMist™ to provide broad-spectrum biological disinfection to destroy micro-organisms to a 6-Log reduction. For equipment including vivariums, incubators, animal racks and washers, NVRON Products safely and effectively cleans and decontaminates.