Lubricant Speciality

With technological advancements in the manufacturing sector moving at a fast pace, the need for optimum performance and adhering to environmental regulations, rules the lubricant industry. At Nvron Health Care manufacture and make available a plethora of lubricants harboring specifications that meet exact requirements. Customized formulations to target pain points are also contrived by our dedicated R & D team thus focusing on improved products.


Antioxidants are additives that extend the life of a lubricant, this is achieved by increasing the oxidative resistance of the base oil. They are used in compressor oil, engine oil, metal working fluids, turbine oils etc.


Antiwear & Extreme Pressure additives perform by forming a protective barrier via a reaction on the metal surface. Antiwear additives are used in mild conditions of low loads and high speeds to bring down the rate of wear. Their applications is in engine oil, grease, metalworking, gear oil etc.


Metal deactivators are fuel additives which hinder oxidation caused by metals like copper , cadmium, cobalt, zinc, silver, iron etc. that are present in the fuel. If the dissolved metals are left unattended it will result in gum formation. Sedementation, darkening etc. which are the result of oxidation. Its applications are in compressor oil, engine oil, gear oil, grease, hydroilc oil etc.


These are used in combination with engine oil to improve antifriction properties. Their applications are in grease, synthetic oil, engine oil synthetic oil etc.


Rust inhibitors are put to use in applications where excellent rust inhibition and water resistance are a mandate. Typical use is in lubricants that operate in the presence of moisture, like in paper machine oils, rock drill oils, turbine, hydraulic and circulating oils.


These additives are multi functional and can be used for both greases and industrial gear oil.