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Nvron Contract manufacturing

Nvron is an expert CDMO specialized in formulating, developing and producing complex oral dosage forms, with complex and tailor-made modified release profiles.

We offer a full range of services, from early-stage development to industrial manufacturing and packaging.

Our scientific expert team, supported by our patented technologies, has a solid track-record of successful development, reformulation and transfer projects.

Our GMP site located in France, FDA, ANVISA, Korean MSDS approved, serve worldwide customers, with a recognized high level of service.



Mono & multi-layer

Disintegrating tablets

Granules & Pellets

Aqueous and organic granulation

Roller compaction


Filled with tablets, granules, pellets or powder

Blister pack

PVC, PVDC, Aclar, Triplex alu/alu

Serialization and aggregation

Nvron is dedicated to providing efficient solutions which exceed customers’ expectations including high-quality and on-time delivery. Our wide range of services is in line with this state of mind as we a

im to provide customized solutions, by notably offering flexible batch sizes, large manufacturing capabilities and technology transfer capabilities for solid dosage forms.

We have a proven quality and regulatory track record and have shown remarkable manufacturing expertise for many years.Bottle pack

Plastic and glass bottle

Serialization and aggregation

Stick pack


  • Aqueous and organic granulation

  • Roller compaction


  • Monolithic

  • multi-layer

  • Tablet-in-tablet (press coated)

  • Oral disintegrated tablets CAPSULES

  • Filled with tablets

  • Filled with powder

  • Filled with granules, pellets


  • Different technologies offered

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