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Can a Healing Place become Sick? Yes, a Hospital itself can become sick - Sick of Financial Crisis!

We examine the hospital with a "Master Health Checkup" to diagnose the symptoms before it gets paralyzed.

It is no secret that the healthcare industry is complex. With everyday developments in diagnosis, treatment and medication, with a wide range of potential professions and jobs available and to follow hundreds of laws, policies and regulations, healthcare organizations have a lot to keep track of, and doing so thoroughly and professionally is absolutely vital to the success and the health of the patients.

Who We Are

SanthosPillai Healthcare Consulting Services are on board to share expertise, give advice and guide healthcare organizations to make business decision that promotes growth and benefits both the customer and the patient.

Having an experience of 50 + years in pharmaceutical industry, we manufacture products with latest technology and best ingredients, with state of the art facility, finest packaging and at an affordable price depending on the nature of the product.

We have the necessary education and background on healthcare laws, regulations, and policies to effectively help medical organizations and hospitals run businesses efficiently and effectively. It is done through pharmacy profitability maximization, contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, private labeling, hospital tie up, licensing for pharmaceutical business, patient education, content development and helping hospitals and doctors to get mileage from various associations and clubs.

Santhos Pillai is a name engaged in empowering hospital health care through online and offline marketing support, networking support and tie ups to build a promising future.

We go an extra step by providing liaison with government offices, banks, schools, colleges and insurance companies. We also connect diagnostic and Radiology imaging companies with hospitals and super specialist with family physicians and corporate hospitals.

We understand the pain - the pain of foregoing a lifetime dream, and we have a proven track record of restoring such dreams.

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