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What We Do

We are experts in the industry, we support with new innovations and technologies to the medical fraternity in the area of Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Critical Care, Dental, ICU Equipment, OT Light, OT Table, Radiology, Medical Scanners, Hospital Furniture, Lab Equipment’s, Hospital Information Software, ENT products, Gynecology, Nephrology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Surgery and Respiratory Equipment.

We are committed to providing our customers innovative, cost-effective products and solutions to improve quality of healthcare and hence widely accepted and used in a number of Corporate Hospitals, Government Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Research Centers, Private Nursing Home, Diagnostic Centers, Medical Centers, Home Healthcare Companies, Dental Colleges and Eye Hospitals.

We are not ‘Outsiders’ – but an important extension of the organization.

Profit maximization

Are you one of the health specialists caught between Practice & Hospital Administration and unable to do justice to your practice? Are you feeling helpless not able to do whatever you plan to - due to lack of time? Are you inefficient to correct the mistakes you are noticing every day?

Today many hospitals and hospital owners are facing this challenge and opting to close down or sell out their centers. If there is a cash crunch or low profit margin in spite of good business, it is time to analyze and remove the root cause and devise strategies to scale up to the next level.

At SanthosPillai Consultancy, we are a team of experts who bring the project to its logical conclusion at the right cost. We deliver ‘detective-like’ primary research and analysis which includes insights into the competitor landscape, scientific data, patient, doctor and healthcare stakeholder needs, as well as a broad number of complex factors.

About 10-20% of the turnover may just be lost by leakages or pilferages in billing, pharmacy, materials, consumption and recovery which has a severe impact on the margin. We work on the internal factors and take steps to block the leakage and cement the cracks.

As the competition outside has increased with large hospital chains and many regional players, organized marketing has become a necessity. With an increased corporate footprint comes the realization that just because all the beds are occupied doesn’t mean the revenues are maximized. Newer elements are being added to the portfolio- medical tourism, OPD and diagnostics, and voluntary surgeries which typically have a much higher per bed per day revenue.

Profit is not an event to happen occasionally, it is a habit to be practiced religiously..

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