Alternate for Convention Soda Ash

Silicone & Non Silicone Bases

Acid & Neutral Enymes

Complete removel of Iron & other Minerals

Free Formaldehyde Dye Fixing agents with High Wash Fastness Ratings

Finishing Agents

  • Cata Silicones

  • Hydrophilic & Hydrophophic Silicones

  • Micro & Macro Emulsions

  • Yarn Lubricants

  • PE Waxes

Acetic Acid Substitute

High / Medium / Low Substantive Optical Brightening Agents .Padding & Exhaust Application Optical Brightning Agents . .

Silicate & Phosphate Free Peroxide Stabilizer

PET Leveling agents with good Dispersing properties

APEO / NPEO Free Non Foaming Non Inoinc Wetting agent for Lycras

APEO / NPEO Free Non Foaming An Inoinc Wetting Agent

Textile Chemicals

A wide range of specialty chemicals for adding value across the board from fibre to fabric are available. We offer chemicals for pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles. Of the wide range of Pre-treatment chemicals we have chemicals that are free from APEO , NPEO & Hazardous substances and also those that are 100 % Biodegradable.

Our antifoaming Agents in dyeing chemicals give excellent results. Bio polishing enzymes, Dye Fixing agents, Optical Brightening Agents, Peroxide Stabilizer and more have unique features to deliver results. An expert team promptly delivers to specific challenges faced by customers and this is possible only because of the all round expertise gathered through the years.

Complete removal of Starch & other natural substances with high Tegawa rating